Fun stuff from the Web

This is a compilation of fun stuff pulled from hundreds of messages forwarded on the Internet. We’ve divided it up into three main categories: jokes and stories, slide shows of adorable creatures (mainly kids and animals), amazing and inspirational messages, and links to videos (You Tube, etc). Most of it has been reformatted for presentation on these pages.

New material will be added from time to time. We invite you to send us some of your favorite forwards, but we will have the final say on presenting it here. We reserve to right to edit any material and alter its method of presentation. Please see the list to the right of stuff we will not present and which will be deleted upon receipt.

Happy viewing…we hope you’ll get many chuckles and enjoyment, and find Forwards Forever a great addition to your day.

Your contributions are invited. But: no hate, no dirty stuff, no political rants, and no scams. The final say on content is with the web master.

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A great selection of jokes and funny stories that will keep you smiling for hours.

Amazing photos of animals, places, natural wonders. Don't miss it.

Videos from the web...some serious, some hilarious, all worth viewing.

Forwards of Faith

Forwards of faith...messages of Christian faith and inpiration.